WATCH: Lorde Responds To Skin Care Advice

Lorde is hitting back at people giving her unsolicited skin care tips.

“For real though, acne sucks,” the 21-year-old singer said in an Instagram Stories clip. “You know what also sucks? When you’ve had acne for years and years and years, done all the drugs, tried all the things, and people are still like, ‘You know what worked for me, is moisturizing!’”

Lorde shared some of the advice she’s been given. “Make a mask out of honey, Greek yogurt and avocado.” “what you need to do is buy an apricot scrub,” and “coconut oil…the secret is coconut oil.”

The singer said the worst is when people ask if she washes her face.

“Yes, I wash my face. I’m just genetically cursed,” explained Lorde.

“For everyone out there who’s got bad skin — and actual bad skin, not just the kind of bad skin you can just use a fancy cream for for a few days and it will get better — I feel your pain.

“We’ll get there. We will. I promise.”

Watch Lorde's Instagram clips below: