WATCH: Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Tries To Break ‘Unbreakable’ Guitar Strings

Guitar string manufacturer Ernie Ball is inviting famous guitarists to try and break its new 'unbreakable' strings while playing their instruments.

The company says it will replace for free any of its break-resistant Paradigm strings that rust or break within 90 days of purchase. In a press release, Ernie Ball called the guarantee "virtually unheard of" in the guitar-string industry.

The latest notable shredder to try his hand at breaking a Paradigm is Metallica lead guitarist, and long-time Ernie Ball endorser, Kirk Hammett.

Hammett gave it his best shot during soundcheck in what looks like a soccer stadium. The guitarist bent the strings from one side of his fret board to the other, picked at hard as he could and nearly tore the whammy bar off his axe, but the strings wouldn't bust.

He eventually cries "uncle" before scraping the strings against a speaker cabinet and giving up.

Check it out below. Warning: Noise!

Original article by Andrew Magnotta at iHeartRadio