WATCH: Miley Cyrus Debuts 'Mother's Daughter' Video


Miley Cyrus on Tuesday unveiled the video for “Mother’s Daughter,” a song off She Is Coming, the first in a trilogy of six-song EPs the singer is releasing.

Directed by Alexandre Moors, the provocative video starts with the declaration that “every woman is a riot” and goes on to showcase a diverse cast of characters, from plus-size model Angelina Duplisea to transgender disabled model Aaron Philip.

“As a black girl in a wheelchair who happens to be trans – I just want to have a good life and do good in whatever my endeavours consist of, regardless of what that might mean in the face of oppression,” Philip said, in a release. “I do not identify or label myself as an activist, but that’s just because I care – and I think everyone should, activist or not. I fight for my freedom by being myself.”

Cyrus’ mother Tish also appears in the video, as well as Amazon Ashley, Casil McArthur, Lacey Baker, Mari Copeny, Melanie Sierra, Paige Fralix, Tydryn Scott and Vendela. 

Watch the video for “Mother’s Daughter” below: (Warning: Content may be offensive to some.)