WATCH: Muse Debuts 'Thought Contagion'

Muse returned Thursday with the single "Thought Contagion."

The band began teasing the track earlier this week with an '80s-style movie poster, which ties into the theme of the music video. Talk of Muse's new single popped up last year, and in December, after a fan on Twitter had asked frontman Matt Bellamy if the song was "heavy," he replied, "FURY II." (The original "FURY" is a bonus track off the Japenese CD for their 2003 album Absolution.)

"Thought Contagion" was produced by Rich Costey, who has worked with the band on previous albums including AbsolutionBlack Holes and Revelations (2006), and their last album Drones (2015), and mixed by Adam Hawkins. 

"The meaning of the song 'Thought Contagion' is about how other people’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs can sometimes infect your mind, get into your head and change the way you think yourself," Bellamy explained, in a release. 

Watch the video below:

Original article by Nicole Mastrogiannis at iHeartRadio