WATCH: Sam Louis Celebrates Youth With 'Wild Days'

Canadian singer-songwriter Sam Louis has debuted the video for his infectious and uplifting new track, “Wild Days.”

“Why are we running from these days / Why are we running at all,” he sings. “Why are we running from the wild days?”

Louis said the track – which will be part of an EP coming out later this year – is simply about celebrating one’s youth.

“The central idea is that, as young people, we need to really understand how special this time of our lives is,” he explained, in a release. “It’s about being self-aware so that you really can feel and process what you’re experiencing and realize how special it is and not allowing the moment to simply fly by.”

The video for “Wild Days” was shot in Los Angeles and directed by his sister Angelica Migliazza and Jordan Lunsford.

“There is an amazing choreographed dance scene that my sister did as well,” said Louis. “People will see how the video really embodies the authenticity and passion of what the song is all about.”

Music is clearly Louis’ life. When he’s not creating his own material, he’s belting out tunes in musical theatre productions or teaching vocals at a Toronto music academy. In May, he'll be showcased at Canadian Music Week.

Born Sam Migliazza in Thunder Bay, Ont., he developed an early interest in music and eventually fronted Maraday Park, a band that opened shows for acts like Marianas Trench and The Sheepdogs.

In 2012, after a stint at his hometown’s Lakehead University, Louis moved to Toronto to earn a degree in music at Humber College. Along the way, he frequently shared covers of popular songs on YouTube.

For his original music, Louis taps into personal experiences – without getting too personal.

“Everyone is always writing about love and their relationships. I wanted to stay away from that and just focus on everyday living,” he explained, in a release. “I want to write about the things in life that invigorate and motivate people.”

Louis’ musical theatre experience also comes through.

“I’m trying to create songs that have theatricality,” he explained. “There is lots of youthful energy too.”

Check out the video for “Wild Days” below: