WATCH: Scott Stapp Shares Dramatic 'Purpose For Pain' Video

Scott Stapp on Wednesday debuted a dramatic video for his new single “Purpose For Pain.”

Directed by Daniel E Catullo III, the video intersperses footage of Stapp and his band performing in Puerto Rico with scenes of a young boy (Omar Mughannam) escaping an abusive home who discovers his life is only getting worse.

According to a description on YouTube, the song “is about seeking a higher meaning, a spiritual mentality when dealing with our struggles and life’s painful moments. There are unexplainable, dark times that everyone goes through, and that pain is real.

“If we can dig deep and hold on to hope during the most difficult situations, believing there is a purpose waiting for us on the others side, we can find meaning and clarity that gives us the strength to keep fighting.”

The song comes from the Creed frontman’s forthcoming album The Space Between the Shadows, which is due out in July.

Stapp sings: “There’s got to be more cuz this life is insane / Gotta turn this around and find the purpose for pain.”

Stapp knows what he’s talking about. The 45-year-old (who has reportedly been sober for five years) went through some dark times, including a breakdown in 2003, a suicide attempt in 2006, and a domestic assault arrest in 2007.

The rocker has been open about an addiction to prescription drugs that began while on tour with Creed and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Watch the video for “Purpose For Pain” below: