WATCH: Shania Twain, Marilyn Manson Mashed-Up For 'Man I Feel Beautiful'

If you’ve lost sleep at night imagining a duet by shock rocker Marilyn Manson and Canadian sweetheart Shania Twain…well, you should probably talk to someone.

But, the next best thing to a collaboration by these two very different artists has hit the internet: a mashup titled “Man I Feel Beautiful.”

Created by DJ Cummerbund, the track and its accompanying video blend together Twain’s 1997 smash “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and Manson’s 1996 dark hit “The Beautiful People.”

Cummerbund describes it as “the hit song by Shanilyn Twanson.”

Fun fact: Twain isn’t the only Canadian thing about the mashup video. Manson shot “The Beautiful People” at what is now Toronto’s Distillery District.

Check out “Man I Feel Beautiful” below: