WATCH: Shawn Mendes Has More Late Night Fun

Shawn Mendes showed off his comedy chops Tuesday on the second night of his residency on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The 19-year-old Canadian came out at the top of the show to deliver the monologue – or, as he called it, a “Shawnologue.”

Later in the show, Mendes admitted he’d be open to dyeing his hair red. “I wanted to when I was a kid, a lot, but I never ended up doing it,” he said.

Mendes listened as Corden listed some alternative titles for his self-titled third album – including Boyz to Mendes, Be-Shawn-cé and It’s Raining Mendes.

“I’ll call you next time,” the singer said. “Maybe.”

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Corden also introduced a compilation of clips in which a pubescent Mendes' voice cracked. "I did not approve this," said Mendes, who laughed at the reminders of his journey to manhood.

Mendes, who performed “Lost in Japan” on the episode, also got to hear Mandy Patinkin sing a bit of “Stitches” in Yiddish. 

Check out some of the fun you missed on last night’s show.