WATCH: Shawn Mendes Reads Thirst Tweets

Shawn Mendes had some fun recently with fans' thirst tweets – but there were a couple he refused to finish reading aloud.

The Canadian singer sat down with BuzzFeed to share some of the most salacious social media declarations.

“‘I would let Shawn Mendes tea…’ I’m not reading that,” Mendes said with a laugh. “I’m sorry. There’s a line and she crossed it.”

In fact, the tweet came from a “he” – who shared last November: “I WOULD LET SHAWN MENDES TEA BAG ME AFTER HE'S DONE WITH AN HOUR LONG GYM SESH.”

(Early Sunday, @MannyPerry_ tweeted: ““i still can’t believe shawn mendes read my tweet lmao i’m kinda embarrassed.”)

At the end of the clip, Mendes said: “A couple of you, I’m sorry I didn’t read your tweets but you need to stop tweeting things like that.”

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Mendes didn’t mind reading and commenting on several other tweets, including “Shawn Mendes’ jaw line can literally cut me and I’d say thank you” and “I would let Shawn Mendes father every SINGLE egg in my nonexistent uterus laaaaawd.”

Mendes wasn’t surprised to read: “Do u think if i asked nicely that shawn mendes would choke me.”

He explained: “I’ve seen this so many times. Don’t ask anybody to choke you.”