WATCH: Sheryl Crow Debuts 'The Dreaming Kind'

Sheryl Crow on Monday marked the fifth anniversary of the elementary school massacre in Sandy Hook with a video for “The Dreaming Kind.”

“I turned off the news again tonight / It's getting hard to watch everyone fight,” she sings. “Every time I turn my face / I see the world from outer space / How small we are but look how much we have to waste.”

Crow’s 12-year-old niece Ava is featured on the track asking “If on this earth everybody was kind?”

Crow told People: “When Sandy Hook happened, we knew it was a life-changing moment where we were going to address the idea that not everyone should be approved to own a gun, especially military-style weaponry and yet, nothing happened.

“At some point, the alarm clock has to go off and we have to wake up.”

Check out the song below: