WATCH: The Chainsmokers Talk About Album, Tour

The Chainsmokers recently stopped by the Elvis Duran Morning Show to talk about their debut album Memories...Do Not Open.

It's hard to believe that Drew Taggart and Alex Pall haven't released an album before now. They've already hit the big leagues with massive hits like "Closer" and "Don't Let Me Down", but their new album is poised to take them even higher into the stratosphere.

Part of their insane success can be credited to their hands-on style in the studio. Both guys say they're perfectionists and feel like their songs are never done.

"We have a really good team of people that are responsible for making sure the song actually comes out,” explained Taggart. “They also do a good job of quality control and they can kind of rip it away from us and say this song needs to be done now. You're over producing it.

”You do always hear stuff on the radio and you're like 'yeah that drum could have been two decibels quieter' or 'I could have found a better fill for this part', but you have to learn to let it go and move past it.”

They also get to work with a ton of highly respected artists in the industry because The Chainsmokers know how to make a hit. They recently got to work with Chris Martin of Coldplay, who revealed that working with them was amazing and made him fall in love with his job all over again.

The feeling was definitely mutual, though, because Taggart and Pall were completely surprised that Martin was a fan of their work. When they heard that Coldplay was listening to their songs, they immediately invited Martin to the studio. The rest is history. 

In addition to their talent in the studio, Taggart and Pall always bring an unmatched level of energy to their live performances. This combination draws artists like Daya, Halsey, and Florida Georgia Line to them for collaborations.

Even though Florida Georgia Line appears on Memories...Do Not Open, they didn't meet The Chainsmokers until quite recently. "It was one of those email collabs initially," Pall revealed. "When we met them at the iHeartRadio Awards, it was like two best friends meeting for the first time." 

The Chainsmokers are bringing their new music to the stage, too, with a tour that stops in Toronto on May 30, Montreal on June 1, and Calgary on July 9.

Even though they hail from a DJ background, they're taking a band out with them on tour. They actually found their tour mates on YouTube after watching some of their cover videos of The Chainsmokers' hits.

There's also going to be "wild, wild production" on stage, as well as "something you've never seen before." 

Watch the interview below:

Original article by Emily Lee at iHeartRadio