WATCH: U.S. Astronaut Performs Canadian Song In Space

An American astronaut on the International Space Station teamed up with a Canadian rocker to create a music video that is literally out of this world.

Drew Feustel performed “All Around the World,” a song written by Gord Sinclair of The Tragically Hip, in a video shared online by NASA.

“Drew thanks all who helped bring this to life, including his friend, Gord Sinclair, for giving him permission to use the song,” reads the description, “and the crew of Expeditions 55 and 56 for their support and participation in NASA’s human space exploration mission.”

Feustel, who has been on the ISS since March and was named commander in June, is scheduled to return to Earth on Thursday.

Of course, Feustel is not the first astronaut to record a music video in space. Canada’s Chris Hadfield famously did a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” in 2013. That video has had more than 41 million views.

Watch Drew Feustel's "All Around the World" below: