WATCH: Whitney Houston Shades Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul

Whitney Houston and her mom throw shade at Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul and C+C Music Factory in a clip from the new documentary Whitney.

Shot in 1991, the video shows Whitney and Cissy Houston talking about the competition on the music charts.

“Never mind all that other s**t,” Cissy tells her daughter. “Janet Jackson s**t. Let the b***h have it.

“You got class. You can sing. You don’t need all that.”

When Cissy wonders how a song like C+C Music Factory’s “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm” can be a hit, Whitney responds: “People are fickle. They go for what’s new, what’s hot, you know, and what they think is today. Next week it will be something else.”

Later, Whitney opines: “Now one thing, Paula Abdul ain’t s**t. That girl is singing off key on the record.”

Watch the clip below: