Will Ferrell: Mariah Carey Caused 'Kerfuffle' On Movie Set

Mariah Carey lived up to her diva rep on the set of The House, actor Will Ferrell has confirmed.

Appearing on Watch What Happens, Ferrell told Andy Cohen that the pop superstar showed up four hours late for her one-day shoot.

He said her list of demands included a trailer filled with stuffed lambs (although we’re not sure if he was serious about this) – an apparent tribute to her fanbase.

Carey also didn’t want to do the scene she was hired to do.

“One script note was 'I don't want to do this scene.' Even though it was totally approved ahead of time,” said Ferrell, who added that the singer didn’t want to perform one of her songs.

“[She wanted to sing] something else, which is hard with clearance, and it became quite a kerfuffle… a.k.a. s**storm,” he recalled.

In the end, the demands were all too much and Carey’s cameo in the movie was scrapped.

"At 11 p.m., there was a knock on my trailer door and they said 'You can go home,'" Ferrell said. "I got in my car and left everyone on set… and it didn't happen.”