You Can Own Part Of Prince's Debut Single

What do you get the Prince fan who has everything? How about ownership of his debut single?

Chris Moon, who discovered Prince in 1976, is selling his co-writing credit on “Soft and Wet” on eBay for $490,000 U.S.

“I wrote the lyrics and Prince wrote the music,” Moon explains in the description. “We signed a song royalty agreement in which we equally shared in the writing credits of the song.

“We have been sharing in the royalties of that song over all these years ... and still do.”

Released in June 1978, “Soft and Wet” was Prince’s first hit song and went on to sell more than 22 million copies.

Moon collects royalties from album sales, digital streams, radio play and use of the song in films and TV. Most of the money has come from MC Hammer’s sampling of the track on his 1990 album.

“I would now like to see someone else enjoy owning it,” he wrote. “I feel it is time to pass the torch to a Prince fan who will continue to cherish and enjoy owning it as much as I have.”

The buyer will get Moon’s share of ownership of the song and a copy of the original contract between Moon and Prince.

“If you love Prince and his music I cannot imagine anything better than co-owning his first hit song with him.”