Zayn Malik Doesn't Talk To Former 1D Mates

Zayn Malik has revealed the state of his relationships with his former One Direction mates.

“Our relationships have definitely changes since we were in a band together,” Malik said in an interview with Billboard, “but I think that’s just life.

“Everybody grows up. Two of the guys have got kids now.”

Does Malik keep in touch? “No, I don’t talk to any of them, really,” he said.

Fans likely won’t hear any 1D hits when the singer hits the road to support his forthcoming sophomore solo album. Malik said he didn’t tour for the first, Mind of Mine, because there were not enough songs — and some of them were dance tracks.

“I don’t dance, so it would have required a lot of extra dancers and stuff going on, and I don’t necessarily want to do that,” he explained. 

“For a long time I’ve struggled with, ‘Where is Zayn as a performer?’ I don’t want [my show] to be too eccentric or out there, because I’m not that kind of ­personality. I’m quite a reserved person.”

Malik also told Billboard he’d like to pursue acting. "It would have to be a good script and something that was a bit ­different, like an art movie,” he said. “Something people wouldn't expect.”