501 Queen streetcars turn back at Roncesvalles

People who use the 501 Queen streetcar may have to deal with a long commute on their way to work.

As of January 8, they have to hop on a bus if they are travelling west of Roncesvalles Avenue.

Streetcars are turning back at Roncesvalles because of track and bridge work on The Queensway, Lake Shore Boulevard and at the Humber Loop.

Streetcars are also bypassing the Humber Loop.

Anyone travelling between the Long Branch loop and Roncesvalles will need to rely on shuttle buses.

Some of the work being done includes fixing the Queensway Bridge over the Humber River, replacing and repairing TTC track and overhead wires, and renovating Humber Loop to include new tracks, accessible streetcar platforms, rebuilding of the tunnel walkway, and replacing the roof at the service building.

The work is expected to last for all of 2017.