9 people hospitalized after Carbon monoxide poisoning in Mississauga

Carbon monoxide poising is being blamed for nine people ending up in a mississauga hospital Monday tonight.

A call to paramedics and mississauga fire services came from a home on sherwood mills boulevard around 6:30, after some of the people

according to Mississauga Fire Captain Mike Sullivan, showed symptons including vomiting.

"When we arrived there were several people out front complaining of conditions from carbon monoxide."

They were treated and transported to Credit Valley Hospital.

Sullivan added the entire house was consumed with carbon monoxide.

"We confirmed there was carbon monoxide through the entire house."

Dangerous gas was reportedly detected at 200 parts per million. To put that in perspective, a carbon monoxide detector will go off

when levels hit 45 parts. It's not clear what caused the leak, but Mississauga Fire confirmed repairs had been made to

the home's heating system earlier in the day.


with filed from CP24