A march on Queen's Park to demand the Province halt Hydro One privatization

Protesters marched to Queen's Park Saturday afternoon to demand the Provincial government stop the privatization of Hydro One.

Community groups, labour organizations, small business owners and residents all took part in the walk from Hydro One Headquarters to Queen's Park.

The march also supported those facing high electricity bills, and forced to choose between food and heat.

Organizers of the event say something has to be done about privatizing the company.

They told CP24 "The point of the march is to keep hydro public.  And if it's privatized before the next election it will be an unregulated monopoly of an essential utility and that means basically they can charge whatever they want."

The Facebook post for the event read:

No more rebates! No more excuses. STOP THE SALE OF HYDRO ONE.
We are tired of penny rebates. We are tired of the Ontario Government's lies. Let's unite and demand what is most important for Ontario: Affordable, Accountable, and Publicly owned electricity!

With files from CP24