A new platform wants to help you rent out your unused space

Psst. Want to make some extra money?

There's a new platform set to launch in Toronto, called Sharebee. In keeping with the current trends of AirBnB and Uber, it allows people to rent out unused space in their homes, for storage.

"We help homeowners and businesses with unused space like garages, basements, rooms warehouses and such. We help them rent it out to people who are in need of storage." says Max Villemure, the CEO of Sharebee.ca.

The app has been up and running in Montreal for the last couple of years, but will be launching here in Toronto in the next six weeks or so. Villemure says the cost is about half of what a traditional storage facility would charge.

So far, it's taken off in Montreal, with the average host making around $400 a month, while some are cashing in to the tune of between two and three thousand dollars a month.

Already there are 100 hosts lined up in the GTA and the company says they predict those people could be making as much as $500-600 per month.

They're even offering a $50 bonus for hosts who are signing up in the GTA.

But what about if you have a basement flood? There's insurance for that.

"They have created a custom policy for the activities on Sharebee, so both the hosts and renters are covered by a policy by Intact Insurance.

Even renters, if they have the space, can rent it out.

If you're looking for more information, or to get involved, head to www.sharebee.io/en-ca