A wet weekend in store for Toronto and the GTA

I looks like 'soggy' will be a popular term this weekend.
Rain is expected to last right through until Monday, with as much as 35mm's falling in that time.

"That's over an inch between now and Monday" says CTV's weather specialist Tom Brown.

But  the good news, it doesn't look like there will be any flooding, with rain falling steadily through the weekend.

Still, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has warned of potentially hazardous conditions, especially around rivers and streams.

Banks will be slippery and the water levels will be higher and faster moving than normal, because of all the rain.

"And that water is still very cool." warns Brown.

Still, it's not all bad news. The temperature is expected to warm up starting on Monday, and the double digits will stick around into Tuesday as well.

The normal highs for this time of year are only around 6 degrees.