Accused robber in Oshawa gets bitten, chased by dog after demanding victim's golden grill

Lil' Jon

Here's a story that underlines why dogs are man's best friend.

Police in Durham Region say a dog chased away two would-be thieves in Oshawa on Tuesday afternoon.

Allegations are it was around 2:00pm when two suspects were inside the victim's home on Park Road South.

Durham Regional Police Const. George Tudos says a 'verbal altercation' turned physical when one of the suspects pulled what appeared to be a handgun.

Tudos says he demanded the victim hand over his gold dental grill.

A struggle followed and at some point in the melee, the victim's dog leapt into action.

Tudos says the pet, described as looking like a rottweiler, lunged at the suspect with the weapon and bit him.

The dog chased the two men out of the home and down the street.

Police officers caught up with them shortly after and arrested them.

20-year old Jordan Ford and 23-year old Nathan Linden-Gaskin of Oshawa face charges including robbery, assault with a weapon, and breaching probation.

None of the reported injuries are serious.