Accused terrorist forcibly removed from jail cell, appears before judge

An accused terrorist was warned if she didn't voluntarily appear by video today, she would be forced out of her cell to stand before the judge.

Rehab Dughmosh is accused of swinging a golf club and knife at people inside a Scarborough Canadian Tire in Cederbrae Mall in June, all while shouting about ISIS.

During her first two court appearances, when she bothered to show up, she vowed to continue the violence and pledged allegiance to the terror organization.

Dughmosh refused to go into the video conference room on her own free will, the fourth time in a row, so the judge ordered a specialized team of five officers to make it happen.

There was a recess of about 20 minutes to allow for the team to assemble, negotiate with Dughmosh, and then forcibly get her in front of the camera.

Before this happened, court heard from a Sgt. at the Vanier Centre for Women that Dughmosh hasn't left her cell since being arrested to shower or get fresh air in the yard. Guards have been brining her fresh clothes every day, she washes in her cell, and hands over the clothes she had been wearing.

When the television screen returned to the Vanier Centre for Women, two officers could be seen wearing helmets and face shields, standing at the sides of Rehab Dughmosh whose face was visible for the first time since her arrest, hair a mess, long pieces falling in front of her face.

She refused to answer the judge's questions, only replying in Arabic and through an interpreter "You are all infidels. I do not worship what you worship." She repeated this ten times, sometimes with a smirk.

At one point she began squirming, turned her head to look at one of the officers, and said "those people hurt me here."

The case returns to court on Monday when the judge will rule if a mental fitness assessment will be ordered. The judge has also asked for a friend of the court to inquire why Dughmosh wasn't wearing her niqab, if it was removed voluntarily, because it's important her rights are respected.

Dughmosh was told she can either appear by video voluntarily on Monday or have the officers physically force her like they did today. She responded "You are all infidels. I do not worship what you worship."

She faces 21 charges, 14 terror-related. One of those is related to allegations she was travelling to Syria to join ISIS in 2016 but was intercepted in Turkey.