Advance voting in Toronto election starts Wednesday

Your first chance to cast a ballot ahead of election day comes Wednesday as advance voting opens in Toronto.

The city will run advance polls October 10-14. Each of the city's newly-established 25 wards will have two locations at which to vote from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.. Those locations are marked on the voter information card you should have received in the mail.

You can also find out where to vote early by clicking HERE.

Eligible voters will be able to mark their early ballots at City Hall no matter which part of Toronto they call home.

Bringing your voter information card will speed up your voting process. You also need to bring a piece of identification that shows your name and address in Toronto. That ID can include a driver's licence, bank statement, utility bill or T4 slip.

Election Day in Toronto and municipalities across Ontario is October 22.

For more information on voting in Toronto click HERE.