Alligator removed from Hamilton homeowner's backyard; no one hurt

A Hamilton resident got a shock earlier this week upon discovering an alligator resting in his backyard.

WATCH: Video of the alligator

The city's animal services department says Walter Ertsinian made the discovery after walking out into his yard to do some summer barbecuing on August 8.

Animal Services says Ertsinian called police, who then enlisted the department's help to move the 1.5-metre reptile.

Ertsinian posted a video on Facebook showing staff corralling the animal using a flexible lead and preparing to get it off the property.

No one was hurt, and the alligator is now in custody of animal services.

The department says it doesn't know how the reptile came to be in Ertsinian's back yard, but says alligators are among the animals prohibited under city bylaws.