Almost 2,000 pedestrians struck last year in Toronto

It was chaos on the streets of Toronto in 2016.

It felt like a day could barely pass without hearing about a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle.

"We had 1,958 pedestrians involved in collisions last year and those ranged from a bump, scrub, or fatality," explains Sgt. Brett Moore with Traffic Services.

In 2015 there were 1,905 pedestrians struck.

Forty-three pedestrians were killed, compared to 39 the year prior.

"Folks from 35 to 65-plus are disproportionately finding themselves involved in these pedestrian incidents. These are experienced pedestrians and citizens that are being killed on our roads. It is a struggle we are working on with the City and different partners. We will continue to do so in 2017," Moore adds.

He says people will be hearing much more about the road safety strategic plan in 2017 as police work towards getting the number of pedestrians struck down to zero.