Asylum-seekers to spend four more weeks in Toronto hotels

People who crossed the border irregularly and have been temporarily staying in hotels will have their stays extended while officials continue looking for a longer-term solution.

The Toronto hotel rooms were reserved in August as a short-term solution that was supposed to last until as late as September 30th.

A more detailed, long-term approach for temporary housing of irregular migrants was supposed to be released in the interim, but it seems those plans are still being worked out.

The migrants will now get to stay in the hotel rooms for an additional four weeks.

Approximately 40 per cent of shelter occupants in the G-T-A are refugee claimants and the City of Toronto says 15 to 20 new asylum seekers continue to arrive at shelters every day.

Ontario has asked the federal government to work with municipalities and provide ``full funding'' for temporary housing and for the ``growing cost of social services,'' according to a statement from the province.

Ontario has asked for 200-million dollars to recoup costs it says its has incurred from irregular border crossers and Quebec has asked for 146-million dollars.