Audit uncovers multi-million dollar benefits fraud at a Toronto hospital

Baycrest Hospital

It could be one of the biggest, longest lasting frauds ever seen in this country.

150 employees have been fired from a Toronto hospital over a benefits fraud scheme worth as much as $5 million

This happened at Baycrest Hospital over an eight year period.

The National Post reports, an investigation by an auditor found that one employee had taken more than $100,000. Many others got away with around $25,000

This scam worked much like others we've seen, including a scheme last year involving TTC workers where staff misuse their coverage for orthotics, knee braces and physiotherapy.

Employees are accused of submitting claims for services they never received, then paying a portion to the provider.

In other cases, employees were reportedly given products like purses and shoes instead of the services they claimed to the insurer.

So far, no criminal charges have been laid and the allegations have not been proven in court.