Bail granted for the man who allegedly had a fake bomb in his suitcase

A 58-year-old American man who was arrested and charged for allegedly having a 'mock improvised explosive device' in his luggage has been granted bail.

But Joseph Galaska won't be going home to Milwaukee right away.

He will be released, once his son comes to Brampton to post the five thousand dollar bond. That is expected to happen over the weekend.

Galaska was dressed in a black leather jacket and cargo pants in court, and is facing a single charge of mischeif.

Deatails of what was said before the judge, are covered by a publication ban.

Galaska was supposed to fly out of Toronto, along with nearly 200 others, on a United Airlines flight to Chicago, around 7 o'clock on Thursday morning. But passengers were first told there was a weather delay, then the pilot gave them the news that it was a 'major security breach' that had them staying in Toronto.

The passengers were eventually escorted off the plane several hours later, and rebooked on different flights.

US Customs officials later released the information about the fake bomb being found in a traveler's suitcase. Further testing for explosive materials came back negative. A search of the plane also turned up nothing.

However, officials say this was not an attempt at terrorism.

Why Galaska allegedly had the device, we still don't know. But this will be a tough case to prosecute, according to NEWSTALK1010's legal expert Boris Bytensky.

"In order to prove mischief, the prosecution will have to show that he intended to interfere with the operations of the airport, or at least he intended to do something that cause the airport operations to be interfered with."

For example, he could use the defence that he had no idea what he was carrying could be considered by some, to be dangerous.