Balmy February = climate change?

What a wacky February we're having, so far.

A high of 12 degrees today; 17 degrees tomorrow; double digit temperatures over the long weekend.

Is this the result of climate change? Not entirely, according to Climatologist David Phillips, but there are some elements that point to the Earth heating up.

"Maybe in the fact that this Winter seems shorter, getting more rain than snow, and getting wild swings from one extreme to another is also a characteristic of that."

He also points out the weather has been coming from the South to the North and therefore colder temperatures and snow haven't been spread around.

"This is, kind of, nature giving us a preview of what Winters may be more typical in the future where you can't necessarily build hockey rinks, you can't go skiing like you would, you can't go ice fishing."

Phillips says it's the length of this heat wave, lasting about a week, that's really remarkable. "You can always get a melting day in February, one or two days, but to take an entire week of it! It's probably the warmest February week we've ever seen. It's not the warmest February ever because we had some cold days in the beginning."

17 degrees is the high for tomorrow! Is this the result of climate change?

— NEWSTALK1010 (@NEWSTALK1010) February 21, 2017