Basketball nets at Phin Park removed in the evenings following noise complaints

The city says it will review whether staff should continue to take down basketball nets overnight in a small park near Danforth and Jones. 

Some local residents have complainted that upon going to Phin Park to play basketball with their kids, all they have been able to do is dribble the ball because the nets are taken down every night by city staff. 

Residents who live right next to the park began protesting against the constant sound of dribbling, which wasn't just happening after the dinner hour. 

"It's people that are playing at 3 and 4 in the morning," councillor Paula Fletcher told NEWSTALK1010. 

As a result, the city decided on a compromise, having park staff put the nets up at 9 a.m. but remove them in the evening. 

Fletcher says this doesn't cost any additional taxpayer money because city staff already do their rounds in the park at the end of every shift. 

Some schools follow the same protocol due to nets being stolen and damaged overnight, but TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird says it's up to each school to decide what to do with their outdoor nets.