Bier Markt apologizes for distasteful Instagram post

The Bier Markt is apologizing for an Instagram post making fun of a competitor.

Last week, the Earls in Square One temporarily closed its doors to deal with a Norwalk outbreak that makes several patrons and employees sick.

An employee at the Bier Markt near the mall posted to under the restaurant's account "All the food you love without a side of Norwalk. Prost that!"

"The post should never have been made. It's in terribly bad taste," says Bier Markt's Grant Cobb. "My immediate reaction was to get the post taken down and make moves to get in touch with the Earls folks to offer up an apology."

Cobb says the employee has been spoken with but it's too early to comment on any possible punishment.

"We will be reviewing our policies, with respect to social media posts, with the folks at each restaurant that are responsible for posting information to make sure something like this doesn't happen again," Cobb adds. "Typically, the rules around social media posts are that the posts are meant to be made, specifically, around our food, beverage, live entertainment, and sport offering. Any particular comments beyond that aren't within our protocol."