Bombardier files injunction against Metrolinx

This afternoon, Bombardier filed an injunction in Ontario Superior Court to try to stop Metrolinx from terminating their contract for 182 light-rail vehicles.

Metrolinx put the company on notice in November, telling Bombardier they intend to cancel their contract for the Eglinton Crosstown and Finch LRT.

Bombardier calls the threat "unjustified" and took this action to protect their employees.

The company says 200 jobs would have been jeopardized, and would have cost taxpayers millions in a long legal battle.

Metrolinx has been unhappy with delays in delivering a pilot vehicle for the Eglinton Crosstown. But Bombardier says the vehicle is ready (see video above) and claims it has been since 2016.

The provincial transit agency says it has just received the injunction notice and is working on a statement.