Bowmanville woman kicked out of church for dating a woman

In a city where the Pride festivities are so well attended and acceptance seems to be the norm, this must have been a shocking letter to receive.

Kim Mills, who lives in Bowmanville, was sent a letter from her Baptist church, essentially expelling her from the congregation.


She's dating a woman.

The church in question, is the Calvary Baptist Church in Oshawa, a place where Mills has been a memeber for years.

"At one point I was a youth leader in the church and quite involved in the church and I just feel I've gone from feeling like I was part of a family, to almost feeling like I'm being judged for where I'm at. Which is that I'm dating a woman."  says Mills.

Interview requests to the church have so far, gone unreturned.

She says this is obviously still an issue and people are hurt by this.

"This is the reason why people are afraid to go to churches, and it's unfortunate and shouldn't be the way it is."

But Mills isn't about to give up on God.

She's already talked to a reverend at a United Church.