Calls to extend voting deadline switch to paper ballots, shot down

A call for extending the voting deadline by a week, and switching to paper ballots.

PC leadership candidate Doug Ford has encouraged the three other leadership candiates to join him in his requests.

"This system that we have, is a broken system." Ford said at an appearance in London.

But he claims the root of the request, is about voter fairness.

"This isn't about Doug Ford or Christine Elliot, or Caroline or Tanya, this is about the members."

Ford points to the issues plaguing the PC party when it comes to voting for the new leader.

He claims 100 thousand members still haven't received their verification PINs, and just 50 thousand members have been verified to vote.

But in response to NEWSTALK1010, the head of the party organizing committee doesn't appear ready to delay anything or switch the way the votes are cast.

"Tens of thousands of PCPO members have already voted in our secure remote balloting process, and there is a lot of excitement for this election.  We look forward to the announcement of a new Leader this Saturday." says chair Hartley Lefton.