Case of accused PATH killer drags through another courtroom delay

There's been another courtroom delay in the case of Rohinie Bisesar.

She's the woman accused of stabbing a stranger, 28-year old Rosemarie Junor, in the PATH tunnels in December 2015.

Bisesar is charged with murder.

The judge gave Bisesar the better part of a week to find a new lawyer after she fired her counsel for the second time in 7 months.

She showed up in court on Monday with nobody to lead her case.

That means legal arguments over whether or not Bisesar needs another mental health exam will have to wait until next month.

The Crown wants Bisesar to be assessed by a psychiatrist to determine whether or not she can be held 'Criminally Responsible' for her actions.

Bisesar told Justice John McMahon on Monday that she still does not have legal representation and was met with a warning over the latest delay. 

McMahon said that unless she can hire a lawyer and stick with them, the public purse will eventually close and Ontario Legal Aid will not longer fund her defense. 

Bisesar has insisted to McMahon that she is mentally healthy, and that she is the target of a mind control conspiracy. 

"It must be something man-made that was done to me," she said. 

Her next court hearing is scheduled for March 1st.