Chief: Acquitted officers remain under suspension for professional standards review

Police chief Mark Saunders has issued a statement a day after three officers were acquitted of sexual assault. 

His office says that Leslie Nyznik, Sameer Kara, and Josh Cabero will remain under suspension at this time, while Saunders reviews their case with the professional standards department from a Police Services Act perspective. 

The three officers were found not guilty on Wednesday of sexual assault. A parking enforcement officer accused them of assault after a boozy police "rookie buy night" in January, 2015. 

Saunders writes in a statement that he will always respect the court of law and its findings, which he says it "far more complex" than the court of public opinion. 

"I can say that I have an obligation to extract what can be learned from this case and make the appropriate decisions for our members and our organization," he writes. 

The chief adds that he can't make specific comments about the case to respect any potential appeal process.