Chief Saunders frustrated by Drake's Hells Angels sweatshirt 'endorsement'

Drake has landed in hot water over a recent clothing choice, and now Toronto's Police Chief is weighing in on the matter.

Last month, a photo posted to Instagram by rapper Travis Scott shows Toronto's self-labelled '6ix god' wearing a Hells Angels sweatshirt.

On Friday, Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington weighed in on the matter, saying his clothing represented an "interesting wardrobe choice" in a summer that has seen 71 murders to date - three of which directly or indirectly linked to Drake himself.

Warmington's Tweet prompted a response from Police Chief Mark Saunders:

Any endorsement, no matter it’s form, for a criminal org is frustrating for all law enforcement including TPS. It’s possible Drake didn’t know his clothing was a show of support but, if he did, then I have real concerns w/ his disregard for the values held by this city & TPS

— Mark Saunders (@marksaunderstps) September 1, 2018

This is in contrast to what Toronto Police spokesperson Mark Pugash told Warmington, saying that he did nothing illegal and he will leave it up to others to comment on Drake's clothing choices.

Drake, MLSE and the Raptors, and Mayor John Tory have not commented on the matter.