Child found in hot car in Oakville

It's hard to believe that some parents need to be reminded to not leave their kids in cars, but here we go again.

This time, it was in Oakville where an 11-month-old, was left in a Toyota, in the blazing sunshine.

The strip mall is in the area around Trafalgar and Dundas, and the baby was found sweating, and in a state of discomfort, but was checked out and is going to be okay.

The mom wasn't far.

"We located the mother shopping in a nearby business, and determined that the child had been left unattended for about 90 minutes in the vehicle." says Detective Sgt Chris Newcombe with Halton Regional Police.

The window on the car was open a crack, and it was parked in the direct sunlight, not even in a shaded area.

It turns out, mom decided to leave the little one behind while she went shopping with another child, for clothes.

The temperature outside reached about 21 degrees.

The 29-year-old mother from Mississauga, faces two charges  including abandoning a child, and Children's Aid is now involved.