Children 'missed by inches' in shooting inside Toronto apartment

Two nine-year-old children, a boy and a girl, were lucky to get away unhurt, after bullets came within inches of them, while they played in the hallway of an apartment building near Finch and Don Mills. 

Police were called to the building at around 5:30 reports of shots fired.

It appears a man is believed to have started shooting from inside his apartment, through the door into the hallway.

It's unclear what he was shooting at.

Soon after police showed up, they heard the man making calls for help from inside the unit. They kicked in the door and found the man barracaded in a back room.

The ETF unit went in not long after and negotiated.

At some point the man threw the gun and ammo over the balcony railing, and he was taken into custody.

Investigators say he wasn't in any distress and they believe he was luring the officers into the unit.

Charged is Edris Ghulami, 25, of Toronto. Of the 14 charges, he's facing, four are for attempted murder. Two for the girls in the hall and two for the police officers he's believed to have lured inside.

He is previously known to police and officers say there were no injuries reported.