City finds homes for people signed up to use the Agincourt Rec Centre

The city of Toronto has managed to find space for the 3,000 people who'd signed up to use the Agincourt Rec Centre.

The building was gutted by fire last week, and officials have pointed to an electrical problem, as the potential cause. They've narrowed it down to a light fighture and wiring as potential culprits, but the investigation continues to determine the official cause.

The building though, will be unusable for a significant period of time because of the damage caused.

All programs have been relocated to seven City recreation centres and three Toronto District School Board locations in Scarborough.  

In a release the city says, "This includes more than 1,800 aquatic registrants and 1,000 people registered in skating and active living programs like visual arts, guitar and yoga. Approximately 11 per cent of the registrants have chosen to be credited for their programs instead of being relocated. More than 900 registrants still have to respond on their choice of relocation or receiving a credit."

Most of the relocated programs will fall on the same day and at the same time as originally scheduled.