City of Toronto, construction company fined for Union station bottleneck

Had something gone wrong, this could have had a horrific result.

It was back on December 17th, when a Mumford and Sons concert let out at Scotiabank Arena. Thousands of people funnelled through a covered walkway at Union station.

But the problem with that walkway on the west side of Bay Street, south of Front, was that three of the four exit doors, were locked and blocked by construction fencing and equipment.

Everyone managed to get out safely, but the video sparked an investigation by Toronto Fire.

Now, they've charged both the City and Bonfield construction, who is in charge of the rebuild of Union Station.

Both have been charged with failing to maintain an egress without obstruction, contrary to the fire code.

Maximum penalty if conficted could be as much as $100,000.

In a release, fire officials say, "Toronto Fire Services continues to work to reduce risk through fire prevention and enforcement strategies against owners who fail to meet the Ontario Fire Code and jeopardize the safety of individuals and responding fire fighters. Toronto Fire Services is committed to ensuring that appropriate measures are taken by property owners to achieve fire safety through compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and the Fire Protection and Prevention Act."