UPDATE: City says delays possible as crews start pot hole repair blitz

The guy responsible for keeping Toronto's streets neat and tidy says you'll likely notice the difference when you drive in to work on Monday morning.

Road Operations department Superintendent Mark Mills promises the proof will be in the pavement.

He expects crews will fill in about 6,000 to 7,000 pot holes, Saturday, as Toronto Water workers join City of Toronto employees in fanning out to fill as many cracks, pockmarks, and craters as possible.

The last several weeks of freezing-cold weather, followed by thawing temperatures that quickly plunge again below freezing has taken a toll on road surfaces.

Mills says the city has received more reports than usual about pot holes as the cold weather winds down.

That's why the city will dispatch 90 crews through a 13-hour work day -- almost twice as many employees as the Road Operations department typically fans out for an end-of-winter pot hole blitz.

The city is warning drivers that they could experience delays as crews shut down lanes to do their work.

The repair campaign got underway just prior to 5:00am with the expressways and major arteries, before moving on to neighbourhood streets.

The work is expected to be complete by early this evening.

Mills expects road crews will focus on pot hole repairs through the next several Saturdays.

Pot holes can be reported any time through the city's information hotline at 311.