CNE once again pondering admission for the disabled

It was last Summer when the CNE quietly changed its policy and began charging admission to people people with disabilities.

Reaction was furious and the Ex was forced to reverse the decision.

It promised to study the idea further and convened an independent advisory council which is recommending that people with disabilities should pay to play.

The suggestion is that the CNE adopt an Easter Seals card-carrying program that someone with a disability pays an entrance fee but if they require a caregiver, the caregiver does not have to pay.

Yin Brown with the  Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians says the issue is the same as it was last Summer which is value for money. "Persons with disabilities, all we can do is walk around and are not able to participate fully, not able to enjoy the shows, not able to access some of the rides and games."

The advisory council is also recommending to "give strong consideration to establishing a destination for persons with disabilities through an Innovation Showcase of technology developments which address barriers that persons with disabilities identify as significant and create an award winning competitive spirit to inspire and encourage participants to highlight this important area of innovation, with a focus on values identified by persons with disabilities."

Brown says the CNE really has to show it's dedicated to not only making the event more accessible but also more inclusive. "I think people are also concerned with the vendors and the staffing. Most of them, are they truly trained? If they say they're trained, what kind of training? Are they just watching a 10-minute video or do they truly understand how to handle, how to lead, how to guide, how to explain to people with disabilities how to access their particular venue, their particular ride. It needs to be demonstrated before you start talking about the charge."

The CNE is accepting public feedback online until April 21.