Controversial Peel Police Chief Jennifer Evans granted 2 year contract renewal

Peel Regional Police Chief Jennifer Evans will hold the job for two more years.

The Peel Regional Police Services Board approved the contract extension, previously requested by Evans, whose five year contract was set to end in October.

The board made the decision after a vote at a closed-door meeting on Tuesday.  They cited Evans' "passion, courage and dedication" as reasons for extending the contract.

In May Evans said she was "inspired by the hard work and dedication of the men and women of the Peel Regional Police, as well as the community we serve," and wanted to remain Chief.

Tensions flared last fall between Evans and community groups who called for her resignation after she condoned the controversial practice of carding.

Evans was also named, along with the police services board, in a $12 million lawsuit filed by Jermaine Carby’s family who alleged she interfered in the investigation involving several of her officers in 2015. Carby was fatally shot by police after a traffic stop in Brampton, in which he was carded.

The lawsuit has not been tried and the allegations against Evans have not been proven in court.

Evans will remain on the job until October 2019.

With files from CP24