Councillor Mammoliti absent first two votes on stormwater fee, no objection during third vote

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti wants taxpayers to revolt; rise up and tell Toronto City Council "Tax This!!"

He went as far as to send out a photo of himself on Monday giving the two-finger salute to anyone who agrees with what he calls the "Roof Tax."

NEWSTALK 1010 has uncovered this "stormwater fee" has been before council three times since 2012 and Mammoliti was absent for the first two votes on the item.

When asked why he wasn't at the 2012 meeting when the stormwater fee was first discussed, "I don't know why I wasn't there for the vote. I could have been in a meeting."

To be fair, Mammoliti suffered serious health issues eight months before the 2013 vote; the second time the item came before council.

Most recently, the item was before council in December. Mammoliti was present for that meeting when staff was directed to formulate a funding model for the stormwater fee and present it in the Spring of 2017.

He didn't object or even speak to the matter. You'd think he'd have something to say, considering his current outrage and what he says of his constituents, "The Works and the Water file have been two issues at City Hall that my constituents can't stomach."

Mammoliti argues his speaking out on the matter, now, is a good thing. "In this particular case, I have given rise to an issue and taxpayers out there are furious, right now. If it weren't for me, they would have been blindsided."

But what about the tax dollars spent on this item being studied and discussed for four years? "I would like to know how much money is actually paid out for these kinds of studies. That's a separate equation...One of my criticisms of council is that we do just that; we just defer off, we let things go, we should be making decisions right away."