Court documents released show Roberto Osuna is to stay away from a downtown building

New information has been released surrounding Blue Jays pitcher Roberto Osuna.

Court documents released on Thursday reportedly outline the restrictions the 23-year-old faces while he's out on bail.

Osuna was arrested on May 8th, and charged with assault, not long after the Jays returned from a road trip in Seattle. He'll be back in court on June 18th.

The details show that he's not to be within 100m of a residential building near Lakeshore and Strachan in downtown Toronto, and he's also prevented from buying, consuming or possessing alcohol.

He's also not allowed to possess weapons.

The alleged assault involved a woman, and Osuna has been ordered to stay away from her as well as refraining from communicating with her directly or indirectly.

Originally, Osuna was placed on a seven-day administrative leave, which was extended to Monday, May 21.

It's worth noting too that the league is allowd to discipline Osuna, even if the charge against him doesn't bring about a trial.