Court reinstates Bob Kinnear as head of TTC union

A court has reinstated embattled TTC union president Bob Kinnear following a power struggle between the local leader and the parent union.

An Ontario Superior Court of Justice granted Kinnear an injunction over the trusteeship of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 on Tuesday.

The move follows a power struggle at the union which came to light on Feb. 03, when Kinnear and all 17 local officers were removed from their roles by the U.S.-based parent union.

At the time, Kinnear said that the local had filed an application with the Canadian Labour Congress that would have enabled members “to make a determination on what union they want to affiliate themselves with.”

Manny Sforza, who had been acting as the temporary trustee of the local union on behalf of ATU, said the move marks “a sad day for all workers in our city.”

“The court’s decision to reinstate Bob Kinnear undermines a long history of union democracy in the province,” Sforza said in the statement.

There was no immediate word from Kinnear on the development.