Court to hear injunction application to extend the PC leadership process

A group of PC party members has hired a lawyer to try to extend the leadership voting process.

Lawyer John Nunziata, who was approached by the members, says an application for an injunction to extend the vote will be heard in Superior Court on University Ave Friday morning.

This is just a few hours before voting is to end at noon. 

Nunziata tells NEWSTALK 1010 that the application is being brought forward by "disenfranchised" party members who haven’t been able to register to vote for a new leader ahead of the deadline. 

He says lawyer Jeffrey Radnoff will be making the argument in court. 

They are asking for a one-week extension, as have three of the four candidates - Doug Ford, Caroline Mulroney and Tanya Granic Allen. 

The party, though, has been sticking to its timeline of announcing a new leader on Saturday.

Nunziata says he is optimistic because courts tend to side with giving people their democratic rights.