Courts toss 2 charges against former host Mike Bullard

A pair of criminal charges against a former NEWSTALK 1010 host have been tossed out of court.

It is the latest twist in the case against Mike Bullard, but his journey through the legal system seems far from over.

In a ruling delivered on Friday, the judge dismissed allegations of criminal harassment and attempting to obstruct justice.

They are connected to a case that started in late 2016, when Bullard was accused of harassing his ex-girlfriend, TV reporter Cynthia Mulligan.

The couple had recently split up after several months of dating.

Those two charges that were scuttled carried with a conviction the most severe possible penalties.

Bullard still faces several charges connected to the alleged incidents, including making 'harassing communications.'

The case has dragged for months through the pre-trial stages, as the two sides seem unable to reach a compromise that would avoid a trial.

In his ruling, the judge expressed his frustration to the Crown and Bullard's lawyers that there would be 'no benefit' to proceeding to a full-blown trial.

He added that he finds it 'perplexing' that the matter managed to take up 4 days worth of court resources for pre-trial hearings.

There is another court hearing scheduled for next week, where its expected the judge will rule on whether or not the remaining allegations will go to trial.

It gives both sides one more opportunity to strike a deal.

Bullard also faces seperate court proceedings linked to allegations that he broke court orders by attempting to contact Mulligan, along with breaching the conditions of his bail.